Celtic Girl Names


Celtic myth name of a goddess of strife and war. The name derives from Proto-Celtic Agronā, literally meaning carnage, slaughter


Irish/Celtic myth name of a queen of fairies, meaning radiance


Celtic myth name of a Briton goddess of victory, meaning invincible


"Huge/round/humped wheel," from Proto-Celtic Arganto-rota. This is the original form of the name Arianrhod, a Welsh myth name from the fourth branch of the Mabinogion; name of the daughter of Beli Mawr, and mother of the twins Dylan and Lleu Llaw Gyffes.


Island of apples English name derived from the legendary island where the body of King Arthur is said to be buried. The name is probably related to Celtic abal, or Welsh afal, meaning apple


Name of a plant of the mint family once popular in herbal medicine, occasionally used as a forename. It is also called woundwort and lousewort. Some authors have suggested that the name derives from Celtic bew "head" and ton "good," because it is good for complaints of the head. Pliny said that the original name of this plant was Vettonica, from the Vettones, an ancient Iberian tribe.


Original form of Welsh Blodeuwedd, name of a woman made from flowers, and lover of Goronwy in the Mabinogion. The name was derived from Proto-Celtic Blāto-weid-ā meaning flower-faced/wild feminine (spirit)


Variant of Celtic Boudica, meaning victory


Variant of Celtic Boudica, meaning victory


Name of a queen of the Brythonic Celtic Iceni people who led the army against Roman invaders, meaning victory


Variant of Boudica, meaning victory


Name of the tutelary goddess of the Brigantes (British Celts) from which the mythic Irish Brighid, daughter of Dagda, is probably an offshoot.


Exalted one Irish Gaelic myth name of an ancient Celtic goddess, daughter of Dagda, one of the Tuatha Dé Danann.


Variant of Celtic Boudica, meaning victory


Name of a queen of Brigantes (British Celts), meaning sleek pony


Variant of Celtic Cartimandua, meaning sleek pony


Name of a Celtic saint, meaning beauty


Variant of Celtic Cinnia, meaning beauty


Name of a Brythonic goddess of springs and wells, possibly meaning memory of snow

Crobh dearg

Myth name of a Celtic goddess of harvest, meaning red claws She is also known by the names Lasair and Lassar, meaning flame, Fhina, meaning wine, and Lasairiona, meaning flaming wine


Derives from epos, meaning "horse," and epa, meaning "mare." This is the Celtic myth name of the goddess of horses and fertility.


Celtic name meaning wine


Correct spelling of the Shakespeare character name Imogen, which is of Celtic origin, possibly derived from the Gaelic element inghean, meaning girl, maiden


Celtic form of Isolde, meaning fair aspect


Name of a Gaulish goddess of water and fertility, meaning valley-sun


Variant of Celtic Rhiannon, meaning great queen


Welsh myth name of a moon deity, and legend name of the mother of Pryderi, probably derived from the Old Celtic title Rigantona, meaning great queen


A Celtic name of Irish origin, meaning little seal/oath


Latin form of Severn, name of a river in England. In Celtic legend, this is the name of a river goddess who dwelt in the Severn river. Apparently, there has been an error by certain authors who claim that the name, Sabrina, was mentioned by Geoffrey of Monmouth. He used the Old Welsh name Habren, not Sabrina, and He was probably wrong in claiming that the river was named after a princess who was drowned in it on orders of her stepmother, as the river name is much too ancient.


Name of a Celtic goddess of thermal springs who watched over Bath, probably meaning good flowing one


Feminine form of Celtic Tristan.


Female Celtic name meaning Gem/jewel of the sea
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